Here you will find complete information about the real & dark side of Nicholas Bredimus aka FlashLightOnRoaches.

Nicholas Bredimus well known as FlashLightonRoaches  is a convicted criminal with official records of his arrest & found guilty for sexually abusing kids.


Proof : http://www.homefacts.com/offender-detail/HIX0002439/Nicholas-Bredimus.html

Nicholas “Nick” Bredimus (Known Online as FlashLightonRoaches) was born in New Jersey in 1950, and he’s since made his mark in the worlds of airline travel, software development, and home design with personal wealth running well into 7 figures. But there’s lot more to this man than a simple list of business achievements, which is why this site was created. As you continue to read, you’ll learn about the dark side of this individual with a rich family history.

In Short

Nicholas Bredimus (aka FlashLightOnRoaches) is a convicted pedophile. In this site you will find full details and proof of his ugly side exposing his criminal nature & child abuse.

A local woman brought two more victims to Nicholas Bredimus (FlashLightonRoaches) waiting room, and a sixth child was on the scene when the police arrived. In all, three boys were subjected to the more extensive molestations, including first victim, who is caught on the video beginning to cry as the “Bredimus” puts his finger in his backside……

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Court documents and websites proving his guilty and full details of him abusing children

  1. US Court and Law Websites


     2. Government Criminal Records : Proof of  Nicholas Bredimus Offense



    3.  Nicholas Bredimus (FlashLightonRoaches) Child Abuse acts in the News